RAW Learning

Mainstream Education in an alternative environment.

Raw Learning is a friendly and welcoming alternative provision in the heart of Westcliff-on-Sea, and covering the Southend-on-Sea area. We are a small community of dedicated, passionate teachers who want to ensure their provision is suited to children with specific learning difficulties and/or low self-esteem.

We ensure that our alternative provision is a safe and caring place. We want all children to reach their full potential, irrespective of their individual needs. Our strongly held vision is that each child should be a confident and independent learner who is prepared to take risks now and in the future. Our pupils are encouraged to do their very best and our talented team of staff work hard to provide a curriculum that is engaging and challenging based on the children’s interests.

We continually strive to provide the very best learning opportunities for the children’s development, which include art and music therapies as well as outdoor experiences.

We aim to establish good working relationships with parents and carers so that they are fully involved in the life of our alternative provision.

If you are a parent thinking of sending your child to us you can be assured that you will be greeted by an enthusiastic member of staff.

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