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RAW Learning

Mainstream Education in an alternative environment.

Raw Learning provides opportunities in an outdoor setting for children to develop a variety of skills: PSHE skills specifically such as independence, self-discovery, communication, self-esteem, and confidence building. Children learn to take risks, use their initiatives and co-operate.

Beyond this, our teachers use the outdoor environment as a vehicle for art activities, key science concepts, developing physical skills and a whole lot more! Learning sessions are adult-led but provide flexibility for children to follow their own learning pathways and interests.

We offer mainstream education catering for the individual child’s needs before all else. Please look at our section under Education.

Tailored specific 1-1 sessions

Raw Learning offer 1-1 sessions in an alternative location; this can be in the home, at our base in Westcliff-on-Sea, or at our forest setting.

Dyslexia assessments

Rachel from Raw Learning will identify the suspected learning difference explained by a parent or school and will carry out an assessment checking for areas of literacy difficulty.

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