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Founder: Rachel

Rachel | Director

I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference. I had known inspirational teachers throughout my own school years and I wondered what one might look like without a school building to walk into. I didn’t realise it might be a reality one day until I had an accident that left me sitting down for almost two years. 

The aspect that excites me the most about Raw Learning is that I’m bringing together the skills of so many talented adults to work with children who need a little bit more care and attention; passionate, specialist staff who wouldn’t normally be found together, coming together for the good of the children. It’s what dreams are made of to me. Children can move as they feel necessary.

My biggest dream for education is that a child can choose their own path, thrive and not just survive, no matter what their level of learning might be. The challenge for me is that when the children are with us I never hear the words “I’m bored.”


Anne-Marie | Teacher

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a teacher.  For me it all started with my first love – the theatre.  It was when I was working in the Education department of a theatre, completing outreach work with schools every week, that I realised I really wanted to make a real difference to the children with whom we were working.  Giving children a voice through Drama and a form of escapism through English became a driving force behind my teaching.  Ensuring students are happy, relaxed and ready to learn to the best of their ability, has always been so important to me – it is the foundation of every child learning successfully.

Working at Raw Learning is especially exciting because we can tailor our teaching to the individual needs of every learner.  We all learn differently, together we can find the best way for every individual to thrive.  It is incredibly rewarding to have the time to properly get to know and understand our learners.  Being outside in the fresh air in a wonderful woodland setting is simply amazing.  There are never ending stimuli and there is so much space to explore and feel free.  Helping children to conquer challenges which they would never have thought possible is hugely motivating.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child could learn at their own pace, surrounded by nature, learning a mixture of practical and academic subjects? How amazing to be part of a school at the beginning of this journey.  I feel incredibly lucky. 

From reading with learners under a tree, to enabling children to create performances for our wonderful woodland amphi-theatre, I am delighted to be an English and Drama teacher at Raw Learning… what an adventure! 


Caroline | Teacher

Because it feels an honour, I honestly feel grateful to be able to inspire students and watch them blossom, just plant a little seed and watch them grow. I feel they also teach me just as much; no student is the same or learns in the same way, so I also work hard to remember this and adapt my teaching accordingly. Every student can learn just not in the same way on the same day.

Having small groups, we can really get to know each student as an individual and focus on individual targets and achievements. There is nothing better than working with nature and being out in nature and this is so beneficial for our health in many ways. I love the ethos of Raw learning and how education can be freer and even child led. I am so looking forward to seeing this project grow and being a part of that.

I truly hope one day there will be more variety with alternative provisions for children to attend all over the UK. Currently Mainstream education does not see each child as a unique individual and cannot offer the flexibility that is required to obtain the greatest potential for every child. All children learn in different ways, and it is our duty as a nation to provide these opportunities for alternative education. As grown adults we know not everyone is good at the same thing and we all have our own skills to offer the world, yet within our current education system these differences are not embraced and celebrated leaving some children feeling they are struggling or behind. I am aware the standard school system can work for some students but unfortunately not all, which is why we need these alterative provisions to embrace every child. Education is something you can continue throughout your whole life, so I am a great believer that self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth are as equally if not more important, and important for your school in delivering this to help students flourish in society.


Nicola | Teacher

I became a teacher as I have always been passionate about helping others, to inspire the next generation and to make a difference to children’s lives. I trained as a Forest School Leader as I love working outdoors and finding out about nature and for children to experience what I learnt to support them in an outdoor environment.

I joined Raw Learning as I have observed in my previous role where children have struggled within the classroom environment, children who have struggled focussing or are quiet indoors will often flourish in the Forest School environment. They are able to enjoy the freedom and space. The learning is very hands on and practical and supports them with their learning. The children are able to grow in confidence and their self esteem builds week after week in Forest School and helps them build a clearer sense of who they are and what they can do.

For every child to be healthy and happy, to  have skills and confidence to explore and venture out into the world to be able to play and learn. To achieve and be successful to the best of their abilities.


Ami | Teacher

From a young age my parents instilled in me a passion for participating in sport and whilst at college I qualified as a swim teacher and worked at a sports camp in the summers.  It was a natural progression for me to train as a PE teacher and I chose Maths as my second subject.  As a teacher, I want to enthuse the children I teach hoping that my passion for my subjects will rub off on them.  I want to help children navigate their way through school in a way that boosts their confidence and self-belief and to be the best version of themselves.

I am excited about working with an amazing group of children in a stunning natural setting surrounded by an experienced and diverse team of teachers/ leaders/ instructors.  I am really looking forward to seeing the children blossom in this unique learning environment. From a PE and Maths perspective, I am really excited about adjusting the way I teach to the outdoor classroom.  Raw Learning will give me the opportunity to teach my subjects in a way that I have not been able to do before.

My dream for education is that it becomes less assessment-based and more focused on helping everyone within education thrive, children and staff.

My dream for children is that they can be children and that society learns to celebrate each and every one of them for their uniqueness and the qualities that they possess.     


Claire | Teacher

I had three children before I trained as a teacher. I knew for a while that I wanted to teach as I loved school and knew I wanted to ensure other children had that some experience and enjoyment of learning.

I have learnt so much through teaching already but one of the main issues I experienced almost immediately is diversity. Diversity in abilities, diversity in how pupils learn, diversity in how pupils behave. It was evident to me how mainstream schooling was not for everyone. How can 1 teacher teach 30+ students with all their needs and abilities. In establishments like Raw Learning, these students that struggle in school environment can now smile, be happy and, most importantly, learn.

I hope that schools in the future will reduce class size. I dream that schools move away from students learning at desks to students that learn outside and using alternative methods or settings. It is not about schools achieving the highest grades. It is about the individual student and how a school or teacher can enable them to achieve their maximum potential.


Fiona | Teacher

I loved learning and school when I was young but struggled with bullying at primary school.  I wanted to help every child to be enthusiastic about learning in a safe, nurturing environment and I love seeing their eyes light up and hearing their “Oh!” as they have a ‘lightbulb’ moment after struggling with a new concept.

Over my years of teaching, I became very aware that there were many children who struggled within the confines and structure of the classroom – it just didn’t suit their way of learning.  I love the freedom working at Raw Learning gives to put the needs of each individual first and teach in the way that suits them, following their lead in what excites them and what they want to find out about and explore.

I would love for education to go back into the hands of teachers who would use their expertise and knowledge to teach children according to their needs and not to the latest test that the government deems necessary to prove that schools are doing a good job.  I would love children to be able to have the freedom to learn in the way that suits them best and for them to have whatever level of support is needed for them to become confident, resilient, curious, life-long learners.

Maggie - Business Manager

Maggie | Business Manager

How the team are so passionate and dedicated about creating a unique & individualized setting so our children can thrive and be themselves. When I walk around the site and it is full of happy and confident children deeply engaged with learning, I know that our decision to create this opportunity has been worth it.

In my opinion the current system is broken, particularly for children that do not ‘fit in the box’.

I wish that any child who has low self-esteem or believes they are not clever enough or well behaved could have the opportunity to blossom in a setting like Raw Learning.


Tilly | Volunteer

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James | Volunteer