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Assessment process

At Raw Learning we have replaced the pressured exam-based evaluation and assessment model with something we believe is a far more accurate measure of progress. We use daily/weekly journals to record the child’s progress and learning opportunities. This will then be used to celebrate achievement and identify areas for development.

Feedback to children on their learning and development enhances their sense of themselves as capable people and competent learners. The educator’s role is to build up a picture of the uniqueness of each child, to provide the appropriate level of challenge, to facilitate the support or change in approach that will enable every child to progress successfully.

We aim to provide all valuable information to children, their parents, and educators. 

We use collaboration as a model that sees the child as a whole and encompasses all dimensions of the child’s learning and development. It not only looks at academic progress but also at the social, emotional, and environmental factors which may be influencing growth or hindering progress. We believe these areas are missed using an exam-based model. Attributes such as respect, curiosity, trust, reflection, a sense of belonging, confidence, independence, and responsibility are essential elements of our curriculum – they are extremely difficult to measure but are observable in children’s responses and behaviours. 

We are preparing children for life in the future, guiding and teaching them to become successful citizens in school, in their careers and in life.

We are living in a rapidly changing society and world. To cope with such changes, children need both the confidence to develop their own perspectives and the capacity to continue acquiring new knowledge and skills. The Raw Learning curriculum provides an educational foundation that supports the full range of skills that children will need as life-long learners. We have high expectations of our children, and we want to prepare children for this new era of innovation and imagination, where creativity and personal skills are key drivers in success. We are living in a world where we can imagine the future we want to create together, and our children can create it.

Raw Learning successfully blends a child-centred, socially intelligent approach to education with an exemplary curriculum and key areas of competence that combined, are holistic and wide-ranging. Our education gives children the skills to grow up as self-motivated, independent, confident, resilient, creative, and competent life-long learners and communicators. Healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society. They are prepared for the future by acquiring life skills in problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, decision making and emotional intelligence.