Raw learning child at play


We we cater for age 5-16 year olds.

Core skills of Maths & Literacy are taught alongside Science, The Arts, Drama, PE, Carpentry, Landscaping & Woodland management and much more. Our education is offered in a natural environment, at a relaxed place, which enhances physical and mental health, thereby freeing up children’s minds to be fully receptive and thirsty to learn.

Groups have a preferred adult to child ratio of 1:8 to facilitate high quality, small group, bespoke learning.

Core skills are taught in smaller groups with a maximum 6 children per group. In each group all children are at the same level of development, allowing learning to be highly targeted and focused. This allows rapid progress to be made alongside building confidence and a positive mindset for children in their abilities. Sometimes this means a Year 3 child will be working at Year 6 maths, other times a Year 4 child will be working at Year 3 reading. This high quality, small group approach allows us to create truly bespoke learning programmes for each of our children, tailored specifically to the exact stage of their development.

Children call staff by their first name to help them create strong social relationships which are essential to receptive learning. The meaningful relationships built between children and their educators allows them to create a system of mutual support and accountability, enhancing their learning and development.