Raw learning child at play

QB ADHD Screening

Raw Learning is a specialist education provider based in Southend-on-Sea. We offer support to children who are recognised as having a special educational need or disability.

Raw Learning is an approved provider of QB Check; this means that we have completed the requisite training and are able to prove that we comply with the strict requirements of its delivery.

All screenings are conducted under the supervision of Rachel King, (BA (QTS) NPQML, SPLD teacher.)

Why do Raw Learning offer QB Check?

QB Check forms part of our offer because the demand is so high and the need so great.  The stories we have heard from parents over the years have a consistent theme. Parents can see that their child is struggling, but they don’t know how to provide the evidence needed to be referred for an ADHD assessment.

ADHD is a life-long condition that can be effectively treated with medication and targeted interventions. The most up to date research supports the benefits of early diagnosis in determining a more positive life trajectory for a child who has ADHD; one that is in line with their peers. Sadly, there are many more clinical studies which evidence a less favourable outcome should a child grow up without those interventions. Children with undiagnosed ADHD grow into adults with undiagnosed ADHD, and those adults are very often over-represented in the criminal justice system and mental health clinics. Raw Learning want children with ADHD to have the opportunity to thrive, and we believe that begins with a diagnostic assessment.

What is QB Check?

QB software has been approved for use by NHS Trusts across England. The validity of the software has stood up to scrutiny in numerous clinical trials and offers an objective measure of ADHD’s core symptoms, reliably and consistently discriminating between children with ADHD and those without.

QB Check is not designed to be a stand-alone diagnostic tool, but it is a fundamental step in the ADHD pathway; supporting clinicians to more accurately identify those children who require a referral for assessment.

The cost of this screening is £149 and is available on Saturday mornings.

What happens after the QB Check?

Parents will receive a copy of the report after the screening, and the results will be explained to you. We will provide you with suggestions of appropriate next steps.

If you feel that it is necessary and you would like to pursue a diagnostic assessment for your child, we can provide you with a covering letter which you can take to your GP, asking to be referred via the NHS.


We can offer educational recommendations to support children with ADHD and how they can be supported within the school setting.