What we offer

Staffing Structure:
Director: Rachel King
Tutors: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, PE, Art/Art Therapy, Music/Music Therapy, Theatre, Outdoor Learning
All staff are highly qualified teachers trained appropriately at the required standard for alternative provision which includes Safeguarding, Health and Safety, First Aid, and assessing risk.

Geographic areas covered: Southend/Essex

Age range: 4-11 years

Outline of provision offer:
Raw Learning is an alternative educational home setting offering pupils a warm, nurturing environment where self-esteem is as equally important as academic success and where resilience is fostered. Our programme of learning follows mainstream education for children who struggle with a school environment.

We can offer support and education to the following types of needs:
⦁ Low self-esteem (school refusers)
⦁ Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, moderate ADHD)
⦁ Looked After Children
⦁ Private Home-schooled children

All aspects of our provision support learners to:
⦁ Improve self-esteem and resilience
⦁ Manage risk
⦁ Achieve their personal academic potential
⦁ Re-integrate successfully back into larger educational settings

Raw Learning will support their pupils to develop their self-esteem by using the S.T.I.L.L. method which is a six-week course covering: dealing with negativity, fear, anxiety; learning how to be sympathetic and have empathy; celebrating success; and changing mindsets. We will also support our learners in developing positive relationships with adults and peers which then enables them to have a positive educational experience.

Costs: Prices available on request. For school referrals 15 hours maximum per pupil per week.

Referral process:
Schools refer through Southend/Essex or direct
Private pupils through the website, Facebook, Instagram or mobile.

Reporting Process: Reporting to the referring school or parent/carer in regard to attendance and learning outcomes as needed.